Real Canadian Superstore (Pitt Meadows)

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19800 Lougheed Hwy, Suite 201
Pitt Meadows BC V3Y2W1
Mon - Sun: 7AM - 11PM


Real Canadian Super Store Pitt Meadows PHARMACY HORRIBLE! They'll give you the wrong RX!

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Don't waste your time at the Pitt Meadows Superwtore Pharmacy, not only does the new owner as of what August 2013 snob all his customer he changed all the hours, they closed early on thanksgiving and thanks for the notice guys I was suppose to pick up my non-transferable narcotic prescription later as usual but was very ill the next day as I couldnt get it. Not even a sign posted. Then I was getting a new prescription when after waiting for the owner to get off the phone for what felt like 10 minutes,the guy breaks the news to me that they gave me the wrong prescription type the day before...hmmm what if I was alllergic... (I take fast release they gave me slow which made me super constiapted) Then they lost my prescription so I had to wait not only a full day later than usual but also when I arrived I was blown off for another 25mins when I came back to get it I heard some staff members convincing another staff member not to quit over the hour changes. I wont be going back I can't stand how cocky the new owner is and won't be supporting there disorganization. Also my boyfriends prescription is a "witnessed intake" and they only watched him not even HALF the time, made a big stink when he didnt completely dissolve the pill under his tongue in front of them when hmmmm he never had to before.. GET ORGANIZED/SOLID HOURS, AND BE NICER TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Best Superstore

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2 Reviews

This is the largest and most well-stocked RCSS in BC.

Although the Coquitlam store is closer to me, I much prefer shopping at the Pitt Meadows / Maple Ridge store. The non-grocery inventory is awesome. However, you might want to wear comfortable shoes, as this is a HUGE store.

- Comrade604