Bosa Foods (Boundary)

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1456 Kootenay Street
Vancouver BC V5K4Y3
Other Locations Nearby: Victoria (2.9 km)



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Love this store. Remember to bring cash. No credit cards. I read some stuff about the cashiers being slow? Hey, they're nice. I'll take nice and slow over expressionless and fast. This isn't a mega supermarket. They don't have conveyor belts and it's all cash. You want fast checkout, go to WalMart and enjoy your Kraft Slices. Bosa is the real thing. Real Cheese. Real Bread. Real people. Bella!

Big Italian grocery store

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This is about as good as it gets for Vancouver and Italian grocery stores. This large store has pretty much everything you could want for cooking Italian food including a large selection of butcher meats, deli items, pasta, olive oil and other imported products. They probably have the largest pasta selection I have seen in Vancouver with 3 full aisles of every shape and size you could imagine. There is ample parking available in the lot outside. This is definitely a must visit for anyone who enjoys cooking Italian food.